domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

My timeline


Here I show you our new class project, in wich you can see different and important events of my life and some photos. There are little comments under each photo describing them a little more. I hope you'll like it!

lunes, 23 de septiembre de 2013

Here we go again!

Hi everyone! 

About 4 months ago I stopped writing here because summer vacation arrived, and yes, I know that's not an excuse and I promise that I'll reward you because from now, I'll work very hard writing interesting things and projects that Diego, my previous teacher , will send me.
Our first mini-project consist of making a first timeline, saying the most important events that happened in 10 of our life years.
If you want more information, you can visit my teacher's blog here and also you can see a lot of pages with different and interesting information.
Thanks, I'll be in touch with you. If you have any question, just ask me by here.

And.....Thanks for the ''almost'' 1000 visits!!xx

lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013

Hard Rock Cafe

Our new task consists on a project to make a virtual Hard Rock Cafe in a city near Granada.
We chose Almuñecar as the city where we are going to build our Cafe because in summer,there are many tourists.
First, we had to send a letter to famous singers to obtain some memorabilia, the word that they use to call for souvenirs like a T-shirt, a CD ..and we obtained a T-shirt of a Rock Band called DarkLight from Salobreña.
Then, after a hard research,we decided to build our premises in The Paseo of San Cristobal,by the beach.
Also, we made a menu and wrote a sumary of some little concerts that will take place there with rock bands like Marea.
We created our logo and we introduced all this information in a portfolio.
You can see some information, images, memorabilia,the menu.. here.
Thanks for your attention!

viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013

Martin Luther King

Hi, we are celebrating the Martin Luther King's day because as you know it is celebrated the third monday of January and we have done a presentation in his memory.
My partner in this task is Andrea Lirola and we have uploaded the presentation to Slideshare.
The work is divided in 20 pages and each one last for 20 seconds.
Here you can see our awesome work but it doesn't has audio so we will fix it soon. I hope you miss me and I hope you liked the presentation, thanks.

jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

We move!!

Hi guys, well I'm going to tell you something that probably you don't want to hear..We are going to move!! but don't worry, it is just for a few months .
We are going to move to a platform called EDMODO where we are going to do some tasks that our teacher will send us.
You have to know that the platform is only for students that our teacher has invited so you can't see our profile but don't be impatient!!
Here you can see a picture of it:

So, I hope I'll see you soon,
My Best regards!x

viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012

Trip to Scotland

Hi, today I'm going to show you our virtual trip to Scotland.
Our group is composed by the Teacher, the Guide, the Catering and the Travel Agent.

-Teacher(Emanuel):He has to search information about the most important places that we are going to visit and also the definition of many scottish words, clothes and traditions.
You can see all the information here .

-Guide(Elvira):She has to do the planning of the trip with all the dates and the exactly hours including tours.
The whole information is here.

-Catering(Nerea):She has to prepare the sites where we are going to stay like hostels, apartments.. and places where we will lunch or have dinner like pubs and restaurants.Also she has to know the prices and goods.
For more information click here.

-Travel Agent(Javier):He has to search the flights and transports that we are going to use at the city like buses and the  cheapest prices.
Here you can find the information.

You can see our work and Prezi in Wikispaces, I hope you liked it(: Thank you!!

lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012

Las Crias

Las Crias is a book without words that the teacher showed us to  invent the dialogue in a few lines.Here I'll show you my little history:

It was a snowy day.A lynx appeared and a deer ran.The deer fell into the snow but the lynx disappeared.A strong noise traveled around the whole forest, it was the sound of a revolver.At the moment, appeared a cowboy.He wanted to kill the deer but when he was about to caught him, the cowboy saw that he was injured and that he had a family of offsprings,so the feelings of the man didn't permit him to kill the poor deer.
The man gave food to the deers, made a bonfire to protect them from the snow and the wind and he healed the wounded deer.
Later some wolves attempted to attack and the hunter chased them away but an Indian man killed the offsprings when the hunter wasn't there .The Hunter was very angry and wanted to kill the Indian but when he saw that the poor man had family he went and left the family in peace.

I hope you liked it!