viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012

Trip to Scotland

Hi, today I'm going to show you our virtual trip to Scotland.
Our group is composed by the Teacher, the Guide, the Catering and the Travel Agent.

-Teacher(Emanuel):He has to search information about the most important places that we are going to visit and also the definition of many scottish words, clothes and traditions.
You can see all the information here .

-Guide(Elvira):She has to do the planning of the trip with all the dates and the exactly hours including tours.
The whole information is here.

-Catering(Nerea):She has to prepare the sites where we are going to stay like hostels, apartments.. and places where we will lunch or have dinner like pubs and restaurants.Also she has to know the prices and goods.
For more information click here.

-Travel Agent(Javier):He has to search the flights and transports that we are going to use at the city like buses and the  cheapest prices.
Here you can find the information.

You can see our work and Prezi in Wikispaces, I hope you liked it(: Thank you!!

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