lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012

Las Crias

Las Crias is a book without words that the teacher showed us to  invent the dialogue in a few lines.Here I'll show you my little history:

It was a snowy day.A lynx appeared and a deer ran.The deer fell into the snow but the lynx disappeared.A strong noise traveled around the whole forest, it was the sound of a revolver.At the moment, appeared a cowboy.He wanted to kill the deer but when he was about to caught him, the cowboy saw that he was injured and that he had a family of offsprings,so the feelings of the man didn't permit him to kill the poor deer.
The man gave food to the deers, made a bonfire to protect them from the snow and the wind and he healed the wounded deer.
Later some wolves attempted to attack and the hunter chased them away but an Indian man killed the offsprings when the hunter wasn't there .The Hunter was very angry and wanted to kill the Indian but when he saw that the poor man had family he went and left the family in peace.

I hope you liked it!

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