lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013

Hard Rock Cafe

Our new task consists on a project to make a virtual Hard Rock Cafe in a city near Granada.
We chose Almuñecar as the city where we are going to build our Cafe because in summer,there are many tourists.
First, we had to send a letter to famous singers to obtain some memorabilia, the word that they use to call for souvenirs like a T-shirt, a CD ..and we obtained a T-shirt of a Rock Band called DarkLight from Salobreña.
Then, after a hard research,we decided to build our premises in The Paseo of San Cristobal,by the beach.
Also, we made a menu and wrote a sumary of some little concerts that will take place there with rock bands like Marea.
We created our logo and we introduced all this information in a portfolio.
You can see some information, images, memorabilia,the menu.. here.
Thanks for your attention!

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