lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

Laura Sims

 Hello!, I want to tell you that last friday Jade's mum came to visit us at the school and she told us many things of her life. Our work was to translate all the words that Laura said.
Do you want to know a little part of her life? If it is yes, here I'll write some of the interesting things that she said.

Laura was born the nineteen of January in an old city called Exeter, located in the west side of England.
It has old and beautiful buildings, many shops and a very important cathedral called ''Catedral Normanda''.
She left the school when she was sixteen and she went to the university at the age of 33, where she studied spanish.
She visited Colombia for two years and Rumania, and she almost visited every city of England in search of work, because she loved it.
She had to move to Spain because the school of her daughter was very hard and the fisrt place where she was living here ,was Mallorca where she worked as a teacher.Later , she moved to Motril, a very safe city in her opinion.
She love animals , that's the reason why she has six dogs!
Also, she love to read books , travel ,care for her garden and  see films at week-ends.
Her favorite spanish's food is Paella and Fish and Ships from England.
She can speake spanish and French and sail boats.

Wow! that's amazing all the things that she can do! Do you think like me?(:

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